It felt strange talking to a camera all by myself and I was embarrassed that someone else would hear me, as I really struggle being on camera and videoing myself

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It took me a few times to finally get over my nerves and just begin filming. Once I’d finally done this, I realised how silly it was to be embarrassed or nervous to film myself on camera. Hopefully, this class, ALM102, and future assignments can help me gain confidence in front of a camera.

Dog Tricks & Treats & Good Manners

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Behaviour science has proven that rewarded behaviours will continue and while it may take time, positive reinforcement such as this, teaches a dog in a fun and interesting way. The clicker acts as a bridge telling the animal that whatever behaviour they are doing at the time is correct and they will earn a reward. Marking the specific behaviour with a click or a “yes” tells the dog ‘this is the correct behaviour’ and prevents confusion as to which behaviour they are being rewarded for.

Working with Sharona – A Student’s Guide to Life After Uni (